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>> another brutal day for your money. as the week begin america's debt rating down graded and your stock portfolio in tatters. we have everything from the credit card payments to your home and car loans. we begin with scott budman. he looks at the damage and what it means to bay area business. scott? >> this started as a rough day because of friday's credit downgrade. that was expected. but at the end of the trading day, the selling accelerated and we had the worst day the markets have seen since back in 2008. selling in bank stocks. selling in tech stocks. selling in foreign markets. this was ugly. as for individual stocks, widely-held consumer companies, like apple, lost ground. recently-public companies like linkedin, were off. one winner today, gold. a new record for gold futures today, topping $1,720 an ounce.
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all this selling, which has been going on for the better part of two weeks, has taken its toll, both on individual investors and on businesses. >> you're trying them all? >> yes. >> that's a lot of root beer. >> reporter: opening a business is always tough. opening one in this environment, well, we have plenty of good reasons why that's crazy. >> thanks. have a good day. >> reporter: but at rocket fizz, which sells all sorts of candy and pop, you'll remember from your youth, business is pretty sweet. >> a lot of people are willing to give up a lot of things. they give up buying a nice, expensive watch or the latest electronic device. but people are willing to say, i deserve a soda. i deserve a piece of chocolate or something like that. and it's not that much of an investment. >> you know what? you know the downfall of wall street? greed. >> reporter: across town, they're not giving up coffee, either. but they are concerned about the future of their money. >> we're going to be, you know, it just is going to be the very
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rich and us, poor middle class that will have to drink water. >> reporter: for the economy to improve, small businesses, like rocket fizz, which harks back to the old days, has to survive modern stock plunges and grow. >> you know, the economy's just uncertain. and there's not a lot you can do about it. we made the decision to open this up. and we've had a great time doing it. >> reporter: working hard, to help our economy get some of its fizz back. and a quick reminder, of the 30 stocks that make up the dow jones industrial average, 4 of them, cisco, hp, intel and chevron, are from here in the bay area. that's a lot of selling in a lot of local companies. the dow's drastic drop means many questions for anyone with a retirement plan or even a savings account. could interest rates rise? will the markets bounce back? if so, when? we go live to santa clara. you took the questions to
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financial planners, hoping to find some direction. did you get anywhere? >> yes, i did. and uncertainty, while it can be unnerving, especially when you're watching your nest egg take a hit, a lot of financial experts say this might be the absolute best time to just stay put. much like the making of a fine wine, your financial future requires attention and patience. >> this bottle of wine is to be opened in its retirement and during retirement. this is really what matters to most people. it is going to be open when you have to send kids to college and you need tuition money. but you should not really jump to open it or not, based on what happened to the price of it today. >> reporter: santa clara university professor of finance, meir statman, says you have good reason to be fearful. but better reason not to panic. >> that means saving.
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in a means investing. that means buying and holding and not jumping when the market does its thing. >> reporter: statman says this market is a good reminder to diversify. and don't overreact, based on what's out of your control. pay off high-interest debt, especially if you have money stashed away, not earning interest. and think long-term, not short-term, when it comes to investing. if you do think long-term, scott manly adds this could be a time to invest. >> the stock market just went on sale. it's a good time to be investing. we think there's very good fundamentals in the country. large companies are still having very good profits. and it's not time to hit the panic button. >> reporter: while we may talk about the market over wine with our friends, statman says it would be wise to remember the old serenity prayer, too. >> you can take care of your job. you can take care of your family. you cannot take care of washington. and so, make sure that you do
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what you can to assure yourself and your family that all will be as well as can be. and then, keep your opinions for november. >> reporter: now, watching the up-and-down arrows on wall street might make you want to do something, anything. the analyzer and the professor agree it's sometimes good to stay put. there's a lot of companies that are doing their most profitable business at this point because they have been forced, by this economy, to be extremely efficient. >> thanks so much. new, tonight, at 6:00. they built it. but they're not coming. we're talking about san jose's newly-renovated airport. it cost billions of dollars. and flights are packed. but airlines are not adding flights to keep up with demand. we go live to the airport where airport leaders are taking their case to the passengers. >> reporter: that's right. after three years of decline,
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sjc has seen growth. these planes are packed. but that's because the airlines are not adding more planes in the skies. we got a rare opportunity to get a camera to the gates on the other side of the security checkpoint. and this is the scene. many empty seats. but don't blame it on passenger decline. >> most of our flights leaving san jose now are full. >> reporter: and when we asked passengers, how full was it? >> packed full. >> reporter: it was packed? >> yeah. >> reporter: what's it like when it's a packed flight like that? >> well, i stayed in my seat the whole time so i wouldn't have to maneuver the people, the carts and everything else. >> reporter: there are 134 daily flights in and out of san jose. but sjc says it can handle more. many more. >> today, we only have one flight a day to new york. and that's a red-eye. that makes no sense. san francisco's got 30-plus flights a day to the new york area.
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the airport says it's pleaded with airlines to add more flights and routes, vowing that silicon valley can fill those planes. but the industry has been slow to respond. so, sjc is taking its cause to the passengers themselves. >> we're asking our silicon valley business leaders. talk to the airlines directly. tell them what you're travel needs are. tell them where you want to go. >> i would send an e-mail possibly. cc1:faa or tact thecc1: other organizations. would do that? >> reporter: a tweet, a post, to let the airlines know more is jose.d in san cc1: and an airline could pay 20% less to fly out of sjc, compared to sfo. and if it's a new route, it doesn't pay anything for the first year. so, with all those incentives, sjc says it doesn't understand why more carriers are not coming here. >> thank you. and o developing news
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in oakland, where police are at the scene of a deadly shooting tonight. now, the shooting happened at 65th avenue and international boulevard. dead.ear-old boy is cc1: the unintended target of that shooting. just a tragic story. >> reporter: yes, it is. this shooting has struck a nerve with police and politicians. in fact, police chief, anthony bats, just left a few moments ago. and council members were here. council members came out of their direct to see what was happening here, firsthand. as you can see, a good portion of international boulevard is still blocked off. et's look at the chopper video: shot shortly after the shooting. andpened near1: 65th avenuecc1: international boulevard here in east oakland. two men were standing near the pizza restaurant when two men were traveling westbound toward downtown oakland. apparently someone saw someone and made a u-turn. and the passenger started firing. in the middle of all of this, a
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family simply going to the store. their 3-year-old, on his bicycle. he was shot. he died at the hospital. his mother and father witnessed all of this. police chief and city leaders say, this has got to stop. >> condolences don't make or bring back a 3-year-old baby. and that's tough. that's tough for everybody. i think you've had citizens walking down the street. and they've been teary-eyed when people don't learn that a 3-year-old baby, the innocence of the city is lost. >> it has just got to stop. it's beyond -- we need to throw everything we have at it. and frankly, we have been. i think we need help. we need the federal government and some of its agencies. the u.s. attorney, to come in here and help us. this cannot be tolerated. >> reporter: the mobile command unit is here on the scene. let's go back, live, so you can take a look at that unit. it doesn't come out all the time. the police chief says that he's throwing everything he has out of it. in fact, he's saying he's
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throwing things at it that he doesn't even have. 24 police officers hit the street on saturday. eight more are expected to hit the streets soon. and meanwhile, a 3-year-old is dead. and right now, police say they have no suspects. >> really tragic. thanks so much for the update. family friends and the nation continue to mourn the loss of 30 u.s. service members in killed in afghanistan. that number includes t bwo area military men. their helicopter was shot down while answering a call for help from a unit on the ground. among the 22 elite navy es .a.l.s that lost their l was derek benson from napa county. he's seen here in 2003, with his dad and grandfather, after just graduating from training with the s.e.a.l.s. he is survived by his wife, kara, and their 3-year-old son. another navy s.e.a.l. killed, kevin houston, had
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strong ties to the bay area. houston's father and relatives live in san jose. his family says houston knew he wanted to be a s.e.a.l. since he was in the fifth grade. he's survived by his wife and three children. today, president obama took time to remember them all. >> we will press on. and we will succeed. but now is also a time to reflect on those we lost, and the sacrifices for all who serve and their families. >> reporter: the remains of those killed are expected to arrive at the air force base in dover, delaware, tomorrow afternoon. it is a killing that gripped one bay area community. but after more than 20 years, police make an arrest in that case. still ahead, how investors put the pieces together. also ahead, fish bones to the rescue. the first of its kind strategy to clean up pollution in the east bay. plus, a popular basketball player returns to the bay area for a unique camp with lessons that go well beyond the
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hardwood. good evening. a lot of sunshine right now in san francisco. and despite all that sun, still a cool day across the bay area, which is 73 in san jose. and 60 in san francisco. we'll talk about this mild august trend hascc1: cc1:cc1:cc1:
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hundreds of san francisco's muni buses will soon have high-tech surveillance cameras. grant from homeland security will pay for the surveillance system on 358 muni buss. now, the current one is more than 10 years old. the grant includes installation of wireless networks, computers and servers at three bus yards. this will allow real-time viewing of images inside and outside the bus. and also, improve safety. a convicted killer and heir
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to a fortune wants a new lawyer and a new trial. court memo outlines jamescc1: mitchell's intentions to release his attorney and take a public defender, claiming he had inadequate respectation. mitchell faces 35 years to life, after being convicted of murdering ex-girlfriend danielle heller and kidnapping their 1-year-old baby in novato. mitchell, the son of the late porn king, jim mitchell, is scheduled for sentencing august 16th. a lit cigarette in a san francisco hospital landed two people in the women in the hospital. firefighters say it was a race against sometime. they heard reports the women were trapped inside. crews used a ladder to get to the second story. inside, they found both women unconscious. one woman in her 80s. the other in her 60s. one of them suffered severe burns. the official cause of the fire is under investigation. but firefighters say they found a cigarette butt in a bed. a scary night at the office.
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a man was beaten and tied up by three people who ransacked a san francisco business. it happened just before 11:00 last night, near union square on sutter street and powell. police say the three suspects, a woman and two men, approached the 29-year-old man and beat him and then bound him. they took three computers from the office and then fled. the man was treated for his injuries at a hospital. he is expected to be okay. soon, there may be a special state cabinet post that deals only with issues relating to children. now, a number of state agency leaders would be part of the cabinet, including the superintendent of schools and the head of health and human services. backers say the children's cabinet is needed now more than ever, as state budget cuts have impacted social programs involving kids and also education. >> it would allow them on a routine and regular basis, to interact with each other in a way that would allowtous increase the coordination and the collaboration between the state departments to make sure
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we're doing the best we can for children and families. >> one state legislator says creating a children's cabinet will cost little, if any money, and could actually save the state money by eliminating duplication efforts by different departments. he says 20 other states have a children's cabinet or a similar agency in place. well, he's been gone from bay area headlines. but today, a former warrior is making news for some special kids with his own basketball camp. >> as joe rosano jr. shows us, basketball is just the start. >> reporter: you'd think the life of an nba basketball player would slow down after retirement. >> watch this. raise those legs, man. come on. >> reporter: but it seem no, sir one revealed those perks to o'donnell foil. the former golden state warrior made his return to oakland today. not as a player, as a mentor. the open has been special for me. i played it for ten years.
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it's huge for me to come back and do a free camp for the kids. that's 15 push-ups. >> reporter: his tough love express rolled into the youth center. it's a three-day basketball camp where basketball is just the ground floor. >> we really use basketball as a medium to talk to kids about education, nutrition, aids awareness. and basketball is a way to get them here. >> one, two, three. >> reporter: off the court, students take classes in financial management with lessons in balancing a checkbook. there's also lessons in nutrition, like how tortillas with peanut butter and fruit make a healthy snack. >> it was like being on a diet. but some diets are nasty and disgusting. >> reporter: while the menu might need some tweaking, the camp's message is nourishing souls in this area. >> i think they have a good basketball camp. they not only teach you basketball. they teach you other things that
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help characteristics. >> reporter: for foyle, who was born into poverty, the camps continue a mission he pursued for 15 gleers the nba. >> every time i watch these kids, i want to cry. they've been given the opportunity i never had. i never had an opportunity to train with people that cared. and teaching me all of this stuff just for me. >> reporter: but now, foyle's the teacher, cramming a lifetime of lessons in just a few days. and working up a bigger sweat than most other retirees. >> one, two, three. >> how fun for them. >> good eats and good hoops in there. we have great weather. let's check in with jeff. >> hey. you know the temperatures, pretty mild here for august. only one day with 90-degree temperatures in the bay area. the last time it was hot here was the first week of july. we've really been in a mild streak for a while. in los gatos.
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73 was our high in san jose. 78 livermore. 74 napa. and 60 in san francisco. let's get you outside. we take a look out towards alcatraz. we do have free conditions. but the winds are starting to shift. the flow westerly at 20 miles per hour. it is the onshore flow pushing into oakland, that will bring the fog back as we head throughout tonight is. and possibly, drizzle on the coastline. 72 in napa. a nice, cool breeze for you. hopefully didn't have to turn on the air conditioning today. saving a little bit there on your energy bill. as we take a look here, the onshore flow is starting to shift here into place. we'll see the fog build up across the san francisco peninsula, as we head throughout tonight. that will be continuing for tomorrow night's forecast. the jet stream is taking this unusual dip here to the south, across the western half of the u.s. here. instead of 90-degree heat like we should have in the east bay
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this time of year, we're talking about 80s with the region of high pressure well off to the south. we need the area of high pressure to move across central california. then, we would see some really hot weather. not in the cards for us. as we start off tomorrow morning tuesday, 55 in livermore. 52 in san jose. 51 in santa rosa. a cold start as we head throughout our tuesday. a.m., we're going to see temperatures slowly start to slide up. but only the low 60s for livermore and for san jose, at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. we'll talk about this gradual warming trend. yes, when some 90-degree weather may come back to my 7-day forecast. it's been a while. but we may get some here soon. >> thanks so much. we'll talk to you later. >> it is summer after all. san jose's winchester house is already mysterious. weeks leading up to halloween it will be a little scarier. and you can help. for the first time, the mystery house is holding fright nights
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on september and october weekends. so, the winchester folks are auditioning witches, zombies and other scary types to frighten businessers in several mazes will be set up. auditions begin tonight at santa clara university center for performing arts. still ahead at 6:00, how the devastating earthquake in japan, devastated icebergs in antarctica. california joins a new movement that could change presidential elections. and now fish bones from alaska are help cleaning up pollution here in the bay area.
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things are getting a little fishy in west oakland. and that's a good thing. for the first time ever in a residential area, the environmental protection agency is using fish bone to clean
6:25 pm
lead-polluted soil. the areas are dangerous, especially to young children. the epa will use the bone meal, as it's called, and till it in the soil, where it will combine with the lead as it decays. that will create harmless crystals and clean things up. >> the kals you'll phosphate fish bones bonds with the lead. and it's not a chemical harmful to human beings. >> the technique is new in residential areas. but has been used to decontaminate military firing ranges. the epa says it's cheap and effective. but it may smell fishy for a few days. animal rights activists are applauding governor jerry brown, that designates any building used for cockfighting a public nuisance. it will be easier for lan lords to evict tenets. and authorities will have the
6:26 pm
power to seize the property. cockfighting is often run by gangs as a magnet for other illegal activities. backers signed by brown says seizing property is just a start. facebook has agreed to work with law enforcement agencies nationwide to remove accounts set up by prisoners. inmates are using facebook to stalk victims. they had to crack down on phones.cc1:of cell a child molester used a smuggle phone to find his victim's facebook and myspace pages. more ave confiscatedcc1: phones this year. a cold case krakd. police in the bay area make an arrest for a killer. and a teenager who disappeared after taking a walk.
6:27 pm
run and run. the b sce by san francisco's mayor that led to a ruckus. stay with us.the bi taste of a subway® bbq pulled pork sub. tender, succulent slow-cooked pork with sweet and smoky barbecue sauce, all on freshly baked bread. subway. eat fresh®.
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well, it's official now. the interim mayor of san francisco, who swore he was not interested in the permanent job, has officially entered the race, sparking a controversy of a long list of questions. nbc bay area's tracy grant has the story from san francisco hall, where ed lee has decided he wants to remain until 2016. to stay here is 1: your declaration of candidacy. and what this portion is is how your name will appear on the ballot. >> reporter: in january, the thought of ed lee entering the mayoral race seemed unthinkable. >> i changed my mind. and i'm running for the mayor of san francisco. >> reporter: the 59-year-old former city administrator was expected to be a place holder. someone to temporarily fill the
6:30 pm
space gavin newsom had created. >> every supervisor voted for ed lee to be our interim mayor in january, based on that promise. >> reporter: city attorney, dennis herrera, also running for mayor, says he finds it strange that lee was reluctant to take over as acting mayor, but after1: meeting with business leaders. now, similar discussions have swayed lee again. >> i think san francisco voters have a legitimate question about whether he is his own man. and we'll have the opportunity to discern that over the next several months. >> reporter: lee says his decision was based on his accomplishments, like finding jobs, balancing the budget, and fostering cooperation. >> the tone of this government has changed. it's become a lot more positive. the dialogue that we've had with supervisors has been very positive. as you know, i've worked very hard on that. >> reporter: sources say lee was
6:31 pm
one of the people who encouraged supervisor, david chu, to run for mayor last february. and now, lee may prove to be his biggest competition. chu says his biggest regret is that he took lee on his word. >> many of them have been based on trust. moving e what happenscc1: forward, given that that trust has diminished. >> reporter: lee's decision to run may be what changes the tone government once again. in san francisco, tracy grant, nbc, bay area news. the ow that ed lee is incc1: mean for him?s itcc1: the city? and the voters? political analyst, larry gersten, joins us to talk about the race. the seat of san francisco impacts not just those that live there. play there, e thatcc1: too. it's ing any given day,cc1: 1.5 million to 2 million because of the people that flow in there. the city is a trend setter. think of the happy meal deal that happened.
6:32 pm
think of health insurance. and people watch what happens in san francisco. >> okay. now, let's talk about lee's entering the race. has he shot himself in the political foot because of his earlier promise that he wasn't run?cc1:c1: >> his opponents certainly think so. you heard this earlier in the story. it gets to trust. which is in short supply these days. other candidates will argue, if lee can break this promise, how can we trust him in anything else. lee will counter for his part, that he was drafted in this race, by people like dianne feinstein, former mayor, willie brown, and lots of city leaders that viewed him as a unifier. >> up until now, lee has had a cordial, friendly relationship with the board of supervisors. can we expect a change there, larry? >> think of air conditioning in the middle of winter the severa: people, including david chu, who lee's vote put him over the top as a candidate, feel betrayed.
6:33 pm
you can expect most of the board, i should say, to act highly independently, even contrarian, because lee has let them down. over the next few months, i think you can expect things to get ugly fast. >> i'll bet a lot of changes are coming up. if you had to pick one wild card or one unforeseen candidate or explosive issue or topic, what do you think that would be? >> something we might not think voting.ankedcc1: san franciscans tick their first and third place choice. the people with the most first place votes may not win. believe me, ask don perada, who lost to jean kwan because she has so many second and third place votes. you look at that and you're going to have an extraordinarily complex and volatile race in the months to come. no question about it. >> very true. larry, thank you so much for your insight and your time.cc1:
6:34 pm
an arrest in an east bay cold case tonight. 27 years after a pleasantton teenager was stabbed to death. police say the killer was a former student who is now 43 years old. tina faelz was found stabbed to death on the route she walked high school thillcc1: in 1984. today, investigators reveal the suspect was a 16-year-old fellow student, who now has a substantial criminal history. >> we went back. and we looked at evidence to have evidence that had been examined previously, be re-examined because of advances technology. and that, as a result to that, we submitted evidence to the fbi crime lab. and ultimately, got the response from them on the dna hit. >> tina faelz's death shocked the community. a tree still stands outside the
6:35 pm
school, planted in her memory. police are not identifying her suspected killer until his case is moved from juvenile until adult court. when they arrested him, he was jailed on an unrelated charge. police in fremont are asking for the public's help searching for a missing girl. they tell us the 15-year-old never returned home after taking a walk last night. the teen was last seen at 8:30 t her uncle's home on red hotc: trail. she was wearing a gray adidas jacket with white stripes. she may have taken b.a.r.t. into san francisco or sfo to meet a man she met online. tonight, the ongoing debate on whether the u.s. should dump the electoral college got a big vote from jerry brown. he signed legislation, adding california to get all of the states to elect all electoral votes to the candidate who wins the popular vote.
6:36 pm
california has 55 votes. it joins 8 other states and 52 other states. they need to get more than half of the total, 538. just about a month before the first anniversary of the san bruno explosion, pg&e is set to start testing its natural gas pipelines in palo alto. the project is expected to last about two months. the testing will not disrupt service. but the city of palo alto warns people living there, to expect to smell some gas, as well as deal with road detours. last month, the company announced it would be conducting pressure water testing on its gas pipelines in order to ensure the safety of its pipes. still ahead, a unique trip for some young baseball players right here in the bay area. also ahead, brangvi sharks and chilly waters. an update on a very historic swim. we are tracking the asian stock markets tonight. they are as expected lower by
6:37 pm
about 2% to 4.5%. keep it on nbc bay area news. a lot of sunshine in the south bay. however, the cool breeze really helped to keep numbers down. a look right now across san jose. still fog-free at this point. and today, only 73 there. the official high. now, we'll talk about this fog and the cooling trend. and if any 90-degree weather is coming your way.
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
another example of just how powerful the tsunami in japan was. icebergs in antarctica, one twe the size of manhattan, were created and floated out to
6:40 pm
sea immediately when the sea swell reached the area. you can see the before and after pictures. the stretch of floating ice is nearly 300 feet thick, from its exposed surface to submerged base. scientists say they knew right away, that the magnitude of the tsunami would affect movement a hemisphere away. an american swimmer is hoping to set a record while bridging the gap between two nations. 61-year-old diana nyad, is making a second try of swimming from cuba, to key west, florida. niad will swim more than 100 miles. she hopes to make a human connection between both countries. you can follow her progress on twitter, as she hopes to arrive in the u.s. on wednesday. i could do that by boat. >> and there's sharks in that area. i would be scared about that. >> very brave. 20 laps is what i strive for in the pool. >> pretty good. >> not too bad.
6:41 pm
outside right now, today, we are talking about some sunny skies here in the bay. we'll talk about if the sun's going to stick around for tomorrow's forast and if temperecatures are going to get hotter, coming up in my full forecast. asleep. [ male announcer ] unisom helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep. so i wake up rested. [ male announcer ] unisom. fall asleep faster. sleep longer.
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let's get a check of our forecast. been in the 80s. liking this. >> very nice outside. >> it's like a permanent air conditioner. not only for today. but we're talking about for weeks at a time, now, when temperatures should be in the 90s this time of the night here in the east bay. we currently have 82 at livermore. 67 in hayward. 62 in san mateo. 60 in san francisco. numbers down all across the board. not only at the coastline. and that's the trend we're going to be in here over the next 48 hours. we're calling mild to warm here with the east bay getting some of the warmest weather. ahead, we're going to get summer heat. but it will be a slow, slow rise, until we may actually get some 90-degree weather coming our way. let's get to the visible satellite loop. this is a snapshot from space, so we can pinpoint where the fog is. we started off in the pentagfog
6:44 pm
morning. but the northernly winds came out to the coastline. winds will shift tonight, to more of an onshore westerly wind. that will bring back the fog. possibly some drizzle. and definitely that cool breeze, a lot of you have been hiliking across the bay area for august. we're going to call it warm in the next 48 hours with upper 70s and 80s here inland. for wednesday, still going to stay in the warm to mild side. we're not looking at any widespread hot weather for the next two days. let's get you to the fog forecast. throughout tonight, by 11:00 p.m., the fog comes to the coastline. we're looking for clouds inland, in the east, the peninsula, and the north bay. you're going to start off tomorrow morning with fog and low clouds. but it's not going to linger around all day tomorrow. by 1:00, we're looking at sunny skies returning. it will be very, very close to what we had today. however, we are going to bump up numbers for some of yu.
6:45 pm
yes, just a little warmer. as we look at tonight, we're going to call it cold for this time of the year. 52 in gilroy. 56 in livermore. 51 in santa rosa. we may have some isolated upper 40s, right around santa rosa. for tomorrow, 84 in san jose. just turning it up slightly in ever green with 84. and 83 in los gatos. for the peninsula, a mix of 60s, 70s and 80s. the closer you get to san francisco, the bigger impact you're going to feel from the cool ocean breeze. and right up into the north bay, we're looking at mid-80s for napa and sonoma valleys. morning time on the weather channel, on cable for your travel forecast. we have severe weather in the eastern half of the u.s. if you're doing any traveling. in the seven-day forecast, we keep talking about summer heat and hot weather. it may get here by next monday, with upper 80s to maybe low 90s. i haven't gone there yet in my seven-day forecast. but something that i'm watching back in the weather center.
6:46 pm
>> are we asking for too much? just get a little hot weather during summertime? >> i really want it. what month is it? it's august. yes. >> still have time. >> thanks. right now, a group of bay area kids are on their way to japan to play a series of baseball games. but it's so much more than just kids playing baseball. nbc bay area's lauren scott explains this life-changing trip. >> reporter: over 30 years ago, two cities, 1 on the peninsula, 1 in japan, made baseball the common language for a group of 11-year-olds and 12-year-olds. to this day, san mateo brings their young men to each other's countries for a collection of gyms. but more importantly, the experience of a lifetime. danny harris played for the san mateo team as a kid. now, he's the head coach, helping pass along what makes this special. >> i don't remember the outcome of the games we had when i was a 12-year-old. that didn't matter. what i do know, is the
6:47 pm
subsequent times i've returned, i've seen my host family. i've kept in touch that way. i have a second family in a whole other country. for some of these boys, this is the first time they've been on an airplane. certainly, out of the country and away from their families. the experiences they're about to embark on are incredible. >> and the players already have a great perspective on the opportunities ahead. >> well, i think it doesn't matter winning or losing. it's just important that we get to go to japan. i really wanted to do this because i thought it would be a great experience. >> this is my first time going out of the country. and visiting asia, it will be so much fun, with all my friends. >> reporter: back when the coach was a player, his teammate and roommate in japan was a future super bowl champion and nfl player. >> he was tommy brady. he made the team. his father was a supporter of
6:48 pm
the program, as well. just another 1 of the 20 on the team. a great catcher. great pitcher. batted third or fourth in the lineup. other than that, just another guy. >> reporter: for those who have been with this program since its inception, each experience is unique. but also unified by one particular theme. >> whenever we leave the families are crying to send the boys home. when the boys leave here, the mothers are in tears. in a week's time, they've bonded and gotten to know each other. it's really, for me, that's beauty of the program. that's what keeps me in it. the interaction of the kids and the families. >> reporter: the giants gave the team a special sendoff at at&t park with a chance to meet some of their heroes. who, in some cases, have also played baseball all around the world. the first of many ceremonies to follow. and before leaving home, they
6:49 pm
make sure to brush up on their japanese. it's a journey they'll never forget. >> to be part of this for the last ten years as a coach, to make my fourth trip back to japan and see so many of the friends i've created and the friendships we formed and strengthened, it's amazing we go to the sports newsroom. >> the giants looking to get back after the loss against the phillies. >> good evening. after taking only the final game of the four-game series on sunday, the giants are opening up a three-game set against a pittsburgh pirates team that is reeling. they lost ten in a row. but the giants have to deal with
6:50 pm
an injury situation, involving newly acquired right fielder, carlos beltran. beltran left on sunday with an injured right hand. x-rays are negative. beltran is not in the lineup tonight. and nate schierholtz is in right field. for more on this series, we go to at&t park. >> the welcome in the pittsburgh pirtsz, a team that has struggled more than the giants have over the last couple weeks. the giants have lost eight of their last ten games. and of course, they are still in first place. the pirates have lost ten-straight. and they're now ten games back. but the giants are not taking them lightly. >> they're all big-league players. big teams. can't take anybody lightly. philly won three out of four against us. >> you never can trust anybody in this game.
6:51 pm
you have to play good ball and give everything you've got. and just keep winning games. just play hard. you never know. you know? every day's different. people make adjustments. we have to go out there and play real hard. >> ryan vogelsong on the mound for the giants tonight, facing his former team, the pirates. he faced them earlier this season, getting his first win in his first start. but he has won six-straight decisions, which is the longest streak in the majors right now. >> thank you, jamie. they are known as the fighting phils for a reason. major league baseball has given shane victorino a three-game suspension and fine for his role in friday night's giants game fight. no giants were suspended. but eli whiteside and ramone ramirez were fined for their side in the braul.
6:52 pm
49ers are getting ready for their first preseason game against new orleans. t and there's good news. deshonn goldson has agreed to a deal to return to the niners. >> the 49ers won't release any official comment until a deal is actually signed. but deshonn goldson says he expects to be in camp tomorrow. something his new head coach confirmed today after practice. >> i feel good with the talent in the secondary. i think that makes the competition is all that much better. deshonn's a 49er. we've had a couple conversations. he's ready to get to work. iron sharpens iron. looking forward to that. >> now, he doesn't know if goldson will be able to practice
6:53 pm
with the team tomorrow or if he will play in friday's game against the saints. he expects his first team to get in 20 plays. on the heels of that news, the sacramento bees reporting that reggie smith will undergo arthroscopic surgery to repair a torn meniscus. he is expected to miss a couple of weeks. the bay area's been blessed with many great athletes over the years. and one of them is going into the naismith basketball hall of fame. warriors great, chris mullin, will enter the hall. >> it's something i'm accepting for a lot of people. it's an overwhelming honor to achieve. but so many people have had an influence on my life professionally and personally. i just want to get up there and thank them the proper way. and then, move on.
6:54 pm
>> great honor for a great guy. that's great for all bay area sports fans. we'll have giants/pirates highlights coming up at 11:00. for a full half hourr of ba area sports coverage, watch comcast sports net central at 10:30.
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6:57 pm
tonight at 11:00, even the giants aren't opposed to a little help every once in a while. so, some members of the team are being hypnotized to break one very bad habit. why some on the team say it's just what they needed. but it won't help their playoff run one bit. a look at what's coming up on comcast. >> we have team coverage of the global markets. the local impact. what you can do, that type of thing. also, as you talked about, ed lee does make it official. he enters the race for san francisco mayor. we'll tell you what he could be in for, why he could be an instant front-runner. why some people aren't so happy about that. plus, the new app that allows you to make a little bit of money. how it works, coming up on comcast 186, in a few minutes. >> can you tell us right now? >> i'll give you a hint. >> thanks for being with us tonight. >> we'll see you at 11:00. thanks so much. bye.
6:58 pm
just weeks ago, a back door deal was slipped into the state budget with no public debate. this new law bans teacher layoffs. and if revenues fall short as many suspect, the school year may be cut to 168 days, 1 of the shortest in the nation. critics call this outrageous and a recipe for disaster. we're all for saving jobs. but nbc bay area believes it's up to local districts to balance their books. it's wrong for sacramento to take management power away from
6:59 pm
local leaders. and it's wrong to put big-money lobbyists, like the teachers union, ahead of local control our governor promised. urge your legislators to empower schools to do what's right for students. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ ♪

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